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Sleep Masks for the best price at Cheapido

Using a sleep mask is simple and allows for a better sleep. It prevents you from waking up to daylight or artificial light when you don't want to.

Street lamps, the light on your alarm clock, a little bit of light can disturb your sleeping cycle and lower the quality of your sleep. Sleeping masks are small and light so they can easily be used while travelling. Ideal for an undisturbed sleep in the bus, car, train or on a plane.

Tempur Luxury Sleeping Mask

The Tempure Luxury Sleeping Masks forms after your face and blocks light, while feeling like a soft cushion for your eyes. The masks is made of the pressure reducing Tempur fabric and gives your eyes optimal rest for better relaxation and sleep.
Treets Sleep Mask Bamboo 100% Eco

Darkening eye / sleep mask for relaxtion on-the-go with resizable headband. It is made of 100% bamboo, so it should not be washed. The masks provides complete darkness in every postion, ideal for long travelling to help you maintain your biorhythm.
Research has shown the Tempur sleeping mask to be the best in its category. The Tempur fabric forms perfectly around your face, so all light is kept out of your eyes. The outside of the mask is made of velvet for extra comfort

The pro's of this mask:
- Pressure reducing Tempur fabric
- Comfortable fitting shape
- Complete darkness
- Resizable headband

The only downside of this mask is its price. However, at Cheapido it is much cheaper than usual!
The reets Sleep Mask is filled with small grains and seeds for a comfortable fit. It guarantees complete darkness in every sleeping position thanks to its adjustable headband. This soft mask is ideal for long travels and maintaining your biorhythm.

The pro's of this mask:
- Great fitting shape
- Top quality
- 100% natural materials

The only downside of this mask is that it cannot be washed.
If you are kept from sleeping by different sources of light, or you travel often, then a sleep mask might be what you need! Cheapido has the best prices for top quality sleep masks!