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Anti-Snoring Pillows at Cheapido

Snoring is often caused by a combination of factors:
- problems with nose/throat
- age
- overweight
- hormones
- alcohol use
- hay fever
- use of muscle relaxing medication
- smoking

Snoring is caused by a constriction of the airways: a specialised pillow can help against this.

Snoring is not only problamtic for your partner, but also for yourself. It prevents your body from resting properly and can lead to fatigue, lack of energy, depression, memory problems and more.

Are you looking for a good anti-snoring pillow? Cheapido has a wide choice with different shapes, sizes and stuffings. All for low prices.

Lanaform Maxi Comfort Pillow

The Lanaform Maxi Comfort pillow therapeutically helps you to keep your spine, neck and head straight. The shape of the pillow adjusts itself to the shape of your head and neck, using your body heat. It also changes shape when you turn in your sleep and regains its original shape when not in use. The pillow relaxes the shoulder, neck, back and spine, causing you to wake up well-rested. The cover can easily be washed.

Konbanwa Mondiaan Pillow

With the Konbanwa Mondiaan Pillow you wake up fresh and rested. It stimulated air circulation to cool down your head. The Mondiaan pillow has a flower-shaped design that supports ideal weight distribution. Its special stuffing always optimally supports your back, shoulders and neck.

Lanaform Sweet Comfort Pillow

The Lanaform Sweet Comfort pillow takes the shape of your head and neck and reacts to the head and weight from your body. It helps relax the spine muscles and shapes after you body in your sleep.

Vitality Pur Carbon Pillow – Anti-Stress Pillow

The Vitality Pur Carbon Pillow was developed specifically to relax your neck, shoulders and head after a long, stressful day. The Anti-Stress pillow lets your shoulders and neck relax, lower your stress levels.