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Find a good Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece at Cheapido!

Snoring can be very troublesome, both for your partner and for yourself. In the long term, it can be harmful to your health. People who snore have up to three times to chance to develop health issues than non-snorers. Are you looking for an anti-snoring aid? A mouthpiece helps 90% of people who use it.

Snoring is caused by a blocked respiration. This blocakge is often found in the pharynx (throat). Your lower jaw will move backwards in your sleep and block the airways. Inhaled air then has a smaller passage, creating an airstream that lets the throat tissue vibrate, which cases the sound known as shoring.

An anti-snoring mouthpiece is an effective way to combat snoring. It corrects your jaw during your sleep, keeping it int he correct position to prevent snoring.

How does an anti-snoring mouthpiece work?

Place the mouthpiece in a cup of warm water, which will make it supple and adjustable to your mouth shape. When it has cooled off a little, bite in the mouthpiece with your lower jaw slightly pointed forward. Hold this for around 30 seconds to allow the mouthpiece to cool down further and become firm again.

The mouthpiece has a hole which allows you to breath, while keeping your throat tissue from blocking it. The mouthpiece will feel a bit uncomfortable at first and it can take some time to get used to. It is however one of the most effective measures against snoring.

Who should use a mouthpiece?

The mouthpiece is suitable for people who have their mouth open and snore through their mouth. The main causes of snoring are:
- Being overweight
- Fatigue
- Stress
- Alcohol use
- Nose problems
- Incorrect sleeping position
These causes relax the throat muscles and allow the tissue at the back to vibrate, causing snoring. Anti-Snoring mouthpieces help with these causes, but are usually unsuitable for people with removable dentures.
Cheapido has a variety of mouthpieces, so there is always one that suits you.

Cleaning your Anti-Snoring mouthpiece

We have specialised products that let you clean your mouthpiece. The SleepPro Daily Cleaning is a daily cleaning that prevents the buildup of bacteria which cause plaque or irritated gums and bad breath.
Take out the mouthpiece and wash it with lukewarm water. Add some drops of the products onto the mouthpiece, brush it with a toothbrush and rinse it with water again.
Cheapido helps you against snoring.