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Save on good quality makeup brushes at Cheapido!

Brushes are an ideal way to apply makeup and help you create the perfect look. By blending you can get the best out of all your products.

From eyeshadow to foundation, everything looks better with a brush. Take a look at our range of brushes and save yourself some money!

Makeup brush sets

A makeup brush set is very convenient because it combines all the brushes you need for a perfect look. Some of our good, but cheap brush sets are:

-          W7 makeup brush set – Brush with me Set, which has 5 brushes for bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lips and highlighter.

-          W7 Professional Soft Brush Collection Set – with 10 brushes for: eyeshadow, eyeliner ,eyebrow, foundation, face blender, pwder, contour, concealer and bronzer..

-          Rio BRCE Makeup brushes – 6 brushes for bronzer, blusher, blending, eyeshadow, eye definition and a sponge.

Foundation brush

Cheapido has several foundation brushes, for example:

-          Royal Enhance – Foundation brush Angled

-          W7 Makeup Brush – Pro Foundation Brush

Our assortiment stocks mostly Royal Enhance and W7 brushes, which don't leave spots or stripes, giving you an even and beautiful look.

Contour kwast

A contour brush is ideal to apply shadow to your face. Some contour brushes are:

-          Royal Enhance – Power Brush Contour

-          W7 Makeup Brush – Duo Powder

-          W7 Make-up Brush – Face Sculpturing (contour brush)

Eyeshadow brushes

Eyeshadow adds an something extra to our eyes, so they stand out more and look more beautiful. Some of our eyeshadow brushes:

-          Royal Enhance – Eyeshadow Brush Angeled

-          W7 Eyeshadow – Brush 04

Cheapido sells brushes for stunt prices!

Eyebrow Brush

Drawing your eyebrows has become very popular. If you want to follow this trend, you need a good eyebrow brush!

Bronzer Brush

A bronzer can be used to give your skin a sunny teint. You will need a bronzer brush to apply the bronzer evenly, for the best result.

-          W7 Bronzer brush

-          W7 Makeup brush – Bronzer Brush

W7 always has the perfect brush for you! Whether you are looking for an eyebrow, foundation, highlighter, contour or bronzer brush, W7 has it all!

Cheapido has cheap makeup brushes from W7 and other popular brands, so that you will never pay more than necessary from a brush