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Save on Slippers at Cheapido!

Nothing beats the feeling of putting on warm slippers on a cold winter's day. At Cheapido you will find slippers in different shapes and sizes.

We stock slippers for children of different ages, adults and the elderly. With Cheapido, cold winter feet are something of the past.

Slippers for Children

We have a variety of slippers for children of different ages and for boys and girls, such as the cute Stompeez Bunny Slippers and the Stompeez Disney Mike slippers.

We have several Disney slippers, such as:

- Stompeez Disney pantoffels Sulley
- Stompeez Disney Dalmatian
- Stompeez Disney Mike
- Stompeez Disney Mickey Mouse

Are children's slippers are very soft and provide comfort and support. They each also have unique extra's, such as blinking eyes and moving ears.

Slippers for adults and the elderly

Comfort and support for your feet become increasingly important as you get older, both for men and women. For those needs we have a variety of relax gel slippers. After a long day at work, these slippers provide the ultimate comfort. Their special gel provides optimal support for the foot arches, making it feel like you are walking on clouds. Walking in these slippers also increases blood circulation.

Slipper set

If you are looking to buy slippers for the whole family, our slipper set could be something for you. It consists of 5 pairs of slippers and 1 big storage slipper.