Large quantities
Are you buying for a business and do you need larger quantities? You have come to the right place. We would like to offer you our personal and quick service. You will receive a response within one business day.

Business benefits
Profit from interesting discounts when buying in bulk. We do not only sell to consumers, but also supply businesses, including Rabobank, dental practices, schools, nurseries, cleaning companies, hotels, independent retailers and beauty salons.

Easy and efficient
For a fast service, call Thomas Heyting directly on 31 38 853 61 59, e-mail him at or fill out our contact form.

Suitable offer
Requesting an offer can also be done easily by sending us the link to the required product, together with the amount you are looking for. After receiving your request, we will make you an offer within 48 hours. Once you agree to the offer, we can further handle your order.

Your product in our assortment
Cheapido is constantly updating its assortment to offer customers a varying choice of good products. The composition of our range of products is based on both supply and demand. By selling your product through our website you have nationwide coverage in The Netherlands and customers throughout Europe.
Do you have a good product that Cheapido should include in its assortment, then contact us.