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Keeping your toilet clean is important: no one likes a filthy toilet with limescale and urine deposits. Toilet cleaners contain acids that remove and prevent these from accumulating. Limescale makes the surface of your toilet rough, allowing bacteria to easier attach to it. Regular cleaning with a good toilet cleaning product keeps your toilet clean and hygienic. Caution: never use acidic toilet cleaners in combination with chlorine bleach. When combined these produce a poisonous chloride gas.

Cheapido has several brands of toilet cleaners:


Harpic has a variety of toilet cleaners, each of them keep your toilet clean, fresh and hygienic!

-          Harpic Toilet Cleaner Ac­ti­ve fresh Brilliant White with Bleach

-          Harpic Toilet Cleaner Ac­ti­ve fresh Citrus

-          Harpic Toilet Cleaner Ac­ti­ve fresh Marine

All Harpic Toilet Cleaners work the same, but have different scents. They are the solution to dirty and unclean toilets, making them hygienic and free of limescale. The gel has a pleasant scent and cleans hygienically, also under the edges. Harpic Toilet leaners are active cleaning gels for a hygienic result and a long-lasting fresh and clean toilet.

At Home Clean

-          At Home Clean Toilet Cleaner - Active Gel

-          At Home Clean Active Gel Lemon Toilet Cleaner

At Home Clean makes Toilet Cleaners with an extra thick formula, so they gel sticks better, removes limescale more effectively and cleans your toilet hygienically.


-          Ecover Toilet Cleaner Marine Fresh

-          Ecover Toilet Cleaner Lemon & Orange

Ecover is special in that all its products are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Your toilet is cleaned just as efficiently as with any other brand, but with minimal environmental impact.


-          Glorix Cleaner O2

-          Glorix Toilet Cleaner Original

Glorix Cleaner O2 contains active oxygen for a powerful and hygienic result. This cleaner can be used for all toilet and sanitary surfaces. The active oxygen can be compared to bleach, but without the inconveniences.

Glorix Toilet Cleaner Original keeps working, even after flushing. Its formula protects up to 24 hours after application!