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The best Stain Removers at Cheapido!

Some stains just can not be removed with regular detergent. Wine, grease, chocolate, coffee, strawberries, blood and other substances cause stains that need extra attention. Each stain is different and thus needs its own, specialised formula.

Cheapido has many different stain removers from brands such as Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil, Persil, Vanish and Dylon SOS. h

Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil

Dr. Beckmann has developed special products for many different types of stain. These Stain Devils all have customised formula's so they are as effective as possible.

In Cheapido's assortment, you will find:

-          Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil - Edible Fats & Sauces. Ideal for removing grease, oil from foods and sauces.

-          Dr. Beckmann Textile - Prewash Liquid
A Stain remover for persistent milk, fruit, ketchup and baby food stains.

-          Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil - Rust & Deodorant for rust, deodorant and sweat marks.

-          Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil - Grass, Earth & Make-up. Works on many stains, such as: Pollen, bodylotion, creams, earth, mud, grass, eyeliner, clay, eyeshadow, lipstick, perfume, powder, aftershave, rouge, ointment, sand, dirt, mascara and toothpaste.

-          Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil - Grease and Oil, for oil, industrial greases, petrol, diesel, printer ink, graphite oil, resin, fuel oil, massage oil, coals, charcoal, machine oil, engine oil, oil paint, soot, shoe polish, tar, toner and more.

-          Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil - Office and Home, for things such as paint pigments, lacquer paint, acryllic paint, printer ink, stickers, colourants, ruber residue, chewing gum, glue, nail polish, correction fluids and more.

So whatever stain you can't get out of your clothes, there is probably a Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil for that!

Dylon SOS

The SOS stain product line by Dylon  was developed specifically to simply and effectively eliminate the most persistent stains. Our Dylon SOS products are:

-          Dylon - SOS Ink/Colours

-          Dylon - SOS Grass/Make-up

-          Dylon - SOS Glue/Chewing Gum

-          Dylon - SOS Wine/Coffee

-          Dylon - SOS Oil/Sauce

Sweat, oil, makeup, grass, ketchup, there is a solution for almost every stain!

No matter what kind of stain it is, at Cheapido you will find a suitable stain remover that gets rid of the most persistent stains.