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Keep your carpet in top condition with Cheapido's Carpet Cleaners!

No matter how careful you are, sooner or later someone will drop something or your nice carpet! If you can't get the stain out, don't worry. From carpet powders to cleaning brushes, with Cheapido's products your carpet will look as new. And as you can expect from us, all for very low prices, so you never pay too much!

All-purpose Brushes

The AquaBrush Cleaning Kit is a brush that can be used to clean many different surfaces. This versatile tool comes in different colours and lets you rinse, wash and scrub many parts of your home.

Fill the Brush with a liquid of your choice and start rubbing and scrubbing! A must-have for every home and super cheap at Cheapido!

Stain Sprays

These sprays can be used on a variety of surfaces. Just spray the dirty spot and clean it with a cloth, or even put it in the washing machine.

De ideale vloerreiniger op

Dankzij het lichte gewicht en fijne gebruikt zorgt de Turbo Vibration Spray Mop ervoor dat je viezigheid gemakkelijk van de vloer sprayt. Je bent in een handomdraai klaar!

Textile Stain Remover

For years, Dr. Beckmann Ox Gall Soap has helped removed stains from textiles and carpets. Dr. Beckmann removes all stains, for example spilled drinks on your carpet or furniture. Its ingredients have been carefully selected, the soap contains no colourants or preservatives and is 99% degradable.

How to use Dr. Beckmann Ox Gall Soap

Make the soap wet before you use it. Rub the soap firmly with the soap and let it soak in for a moment. Rinse the stain with water or absorb the water with a cloth or kitchen towel.

Do not give in to stains! Our Carpet Cleaners are always on sale, so you never pay more than you need. Find what you need and save on your cleaning supplies with Cheapido!