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Save on good quality Feeding Bottles at Cheapido!

When you decide to start bottle feeding your baby, either as a replacement of or supplement to breast feeding, you need a good bottle. The variety of bottles can make it difficult to choose the right one. They come in different shapes and sizes and the nipples also vary. Cheapido has the best baby products for you and your baby.

Popular brands at Cheapido

Every parent wants the best for their little one, which is why we have the best brands in baby care. Our baby brands include:

-          Bibi

-          Nuby

-          Difrax

-          Philips

Bibi bottles

Bibi bottles are multifunctional and have an ingenious ergonomical design. It fits your baby's hand perfectly and thanks to its wide opening is easy to clean. Make feeding as easy as you can with Bibi bottles. The nipples can also be bought separately if you ever need to replace one. The texts and pictures on the bottles make them extra fun, for example: ‘papa is the best’, ‘i love mama’, ‘I’m a boy’ and ‘I’m a girl’. With a Bibi feeding bottle your child learns how to drink on its own: a major step in its development.

Nuby bottles

This innovative brand of baby products has all you need to ensure a healthy development of your baby and toddler, including feeding bottles. We sell bottles for even the youngest of babies, but also separate handles that can be attached to the bottle for a better grip.

Difrax bottles

The Difrax S-shaped feeding bottle is enormously popular. It can be used for both formula and breast milk and can be used right from birth. The unique S-shape ensures that the nipple is always filled with milk instead of air. This decreased the chance of throwing up, burping, cramps and painful ears. The bottom of the S-bottle contains an air valve that prevents a vacuum from forming inside the bottle. It is also easier to hold for the parent, stimulating a ergonomical sit, lowering the chance of pack and shoulder pains.

Philips bottles

Philips feeding bottles are quite popular, especially the Avent. A separate Avent nipple with a ribbed texture prevents it from folding and spilling milk. We also sell Philips Avent starter sets, containing 4 bottles, a pacificer and a cleaning brush..

Whichever brand you choose, at Cheapido you are sure to save a lot of money!