We buy new products every week. These can be anything: perfume, cosmetics, wax, hair gel, but also cool gadgets and so on. These products deserve to be placed in the spotlights, and what better way to do that by making a blog or vlog about them? Our preference goes to vlogs, because of course seeing products is even better than reading about them!

Are you excited about 'testing' our products and subsequently making a nice blog or vlog about it? You can! Below you can read what our conditions are and what we can offer you.

What can you expect from us?

• You receive free products every now and then
• Close, informal cooperation with our business.
• Free publicity for your blog or vlog

Our conditions

• We decide, of course in consultation with you, which product we want to promote
• You have a minimum of 1000 active followers on your blog of vlog
• We have joint ownership over the content: it can be shared by both you and us

Are you excited for a partnership with us? E-mail us at thomas@heytingebusiness.nl and convince us!