Betachek G5 Glucosemeter

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Betachek G5 Glucose meter

The Betachek G5 Glucose Meter is one of the most reliable glucose meters on the market. You can therefore compare the results that the Betachek G5 Glucose Meter gives with the results that result from an examination by a laboratory, by a nurse or by your doctor.

The results of the Betachek G5 glucose meter therefore always have a deviation of less than 5%. This is because the plasma values are calibrated.

To ensure that you can easily view your measurements, the test strips, which can be ordered separately, are supplied with a memory card. In this memory card there is room for all measurements that can be made with the test strips. In addition, the Betachek G5 Glucose Meter can give an average of the measured values.

To make it easy to measure your sugar level with the Betachek G5 Glucose Meter, the Betachek G5 Glucose Meter is equipped with a large and easy-to-read display. The Betachek G5 Glucose Meter also gives a clear result within 5 seconds.

Content Betachek G5 Glucose meter

  • 1 Betachek G5 Glucose meter
  • Lancing device adjustable in 1 position at 5 positions
  • 10 single-use lancets for the finger pricker
  • 1 A handy storage pouch
  • 1 bottle of control fluid
  • 1 comprehensive Dutch manual
  • 1 Dutch-language quick start guide
  • 1 Dutch manual for the finger pricker
  • 1 Dutch manual for the control solution

Requirements not included:

  • 50 glucose test strips
  • 100 Betachek Lancets (10 are supplied with the meter, but you'll want to carry more than 10 measurements).

Blood glucose level

The glucose level is directly linked to diabetes mellitus or diabetes.

The glucose level is influenced by two hormones:

  • Insulin
  • Glucagon

Insulin ensures that too much glucose in the blood is converted into glycogen. Glycogen can be absorbed by the cells of the body. This lowers the sugar level of the body. If there is too little glucose in the blood, the glucagon hormone can convert the glycogen in the cells into glucose. In this way the sugar level in the blood can rise again.

The balance of the sugar level is very important. The brain needs glucose to function properly. It is therefore very important that the blood sugar level does not get too low. The glucose level should also not be too high, since this is harmful to the heart and blood vessels.

The most common form of diabetes mellitus is caused by the body making no or too little insulin or because the cell receptors cannot receive the insulin. In other words: the insulin does not work.

Someone with diabetes may experience the following symptoms:

  • Being very thirsty
  • Pee a lot
  • Being tired
  • Eye problems (poor, double or blurred vision. Red burning eyes have)
  • Poorly healing wounds
  • Leg pain when walking
  • Recurring infections such as cystitis
  • Losing weight without a reason
  • Feeling sick and sick
  • Being hungry or not hungry
  • Be sick
  • Throwing up

Instruction video with the Betachek G5 Glucosemeter

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