Assy Lice Comb Against Lice And Nits

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Assy Luizenkam Netenvreter

The Assy Lice Comb Netenvreter is a revolutionary product that effectively and safely kills all lice AND nits from the hair and removes them from the hair.

The Assy Luizenkam Netenvreter works without the use of chemical components or pesticides and is therefore completely harmless to adults and children of all ages.

In addition, the Assy Luizenkam Netenvreter also does not use steam. So you do not have to purchase batteries to use this lice comb.

How does the Assy Luizenkam Netenvreter work? The Assy Lice comb Netenvreter uses a unique and patented system: The teeth of the comb have special spiral grooves that ensure that the nets are damaged and destroyed. In addition, the tips of the teeth are rounded so that they will not damage the scalp.

The Assy Luizenkam Netenvreter can not only be used as a pesticide against head lice, but it can also be used as a prevention tool. This lice comb is completely harmless and very human-friendly.

Use Assy Luizenkam Netenvreter

  1. First comb the hair thoroughly with a normal brush or comb to remove the tangles from the hair.
  2. Then grab a tuft of hair and comb it from the root (the scalp) to the tip.
  3. Ensure that the combed pluck (s) do not come into contact with the unkempt hair.
  4. Clean the comb regularly by immersing it in a water comb or by holding it under the tap.
  5. Clean the Assy Luizenkam Netenvreter when you are done by placing it in boiling water for about 5 minutes.

Everything in a row

The Assy Lice comb Netenvreter:

  • Kills lice and nits in an effective way.
  • Is safe for adults and children of all ages.
  • Does not use chemical agents or pesticides.
  • Does use special spiral grooves on the teeth.
  • Sold in 21 countries.
  • Can be boiled out.
  • Lasts a lifetime.

Head lice

Head lice are small insects with a length of approximately 3 mm. They have six legs and live on human blood. The color of a head lice varies from sand to black. The head lice can also have a red color if they have just absorbed a lot of blood.

A head lice eats human blood about 3 to 6 times a day. To do this he bites a hole in the scalp. In addition, they inject a small amount of saliva into the wound to ensure that the blood does not clot and that they can continue to eat. It is those many bite wounds that cause itching and irritation.

Fortunately, the head lice do not spread any diseases and are therefore completely harmless.

The head lice lives for about 50 days, but without human blood a head lice will only survive a few days.

You or your child can get head lice through contact with people who have head lice. The infection mainly takes place at her contact.

It doesn't matter to lice whether the hair is washed often or if someone has better hygiene, in fact, head lice usually prefer washed and clean hair.

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