Alcohol Blow Test 2 pieces with balloon (NF)

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The Alcohol Blow Test with balloon

From July 1, 2012 everyone in France is obliged to have an alcohol test (one-off or digital) in the car. The one-time balloon balloon tests are ideal for this. Especially since it is recommended to have at least two in the car from one-off breath tests and this package contains two breath tests.

Use of the breath test

How to use the balloon test is clearly described in the accompanying manual. In summary, it is best to wait 20 minutes from the last alcohol consumption.

  • Remove the test from the package.
  • Inflate the balloon / bag.
  • Press the test tube onto the opening of the balloon.
  • Press the balloon empty so that all the air passes through the test tube.
  • Read the result after two minutes.

The test provides a qualitative indication of whether alcohol is present in the test person's breath. The breath test detects alcohol from a level of 0.5. The intensity of the color of the result depends on the amount of alcohol measured:

  • white: negative result / no alcohol has been detected.
  • light pink: alcohol has been detected.
  • dark purple: there is a lot of alcohol present in the test person's breath.

Contents of the breath test

  • 1 manual
  • 2 testing
  • 2 balloons

Everything in a row

  • Easy to use breath test.
  • A test can only be used once.
  • Suitable for taking to France.
  • In the Netherlands, these types of tests were used by the police for the arrival of the digital alcohol testers.
  • In many countries, blowpipes are still used to perform an initial alcohol check.
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